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Dental Implants Frisco TX: Differences Between Implants and Dentures

Dental implants Frisco TXSo you need a new appliance fitted to your mouth to replace missing teeth? You have a couple of options depending upon what you need, and you might not know the difference between the different kind of dentures and dental implants in Frisco TX. The available options are applicable under different circumstances. Here are a few of the differences between the different kinds of implants, and a few questions you can ask your dentist:

  1. Removable vs. Permanent

In general, one of the advantages of dental implants in Frisco TX is the fact that they do not have to be glued into place and are usually not likely to fall out. They are screwed directly into the jaw with crowns that blend into the rest of your teeth. Dentures are appliances that are designed to be removed and cleaned by hand. The benefit of this is that they can be easier to clean, but it also means that they might not be as easy to keep in your mouth.

  1. Long-lasting

One of the benefits of dental implants in Frisco TX is the fact that they can last a very long time if taken care of properly. Dental implants are made with titanium screws and crowns, so that they look and function very much like teeth. Talk to your dentist for exact details on how to clean your implants and care for them to ensure that you will be able to keep them in good condition for a long time.

  1. Number of Teeth Missing

One of the deciding factors that will help you and your dentist choose between permanent dental implants and removable dentures is the size of the gap which needs to be filled. One of the downsides of permanent implants is that it can be difficult to use them to replace a large number of teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth or large gaps between anchor teeth, it might be more cost-effective to use dentures rather than implants. Talk to your dentist for the best solution.

No matter what appliance you and your dentist choose for your teeth, you should make the most informed decision and find the appliance that will serve you the best and feel the most natural in your mouth. You should choose your dental implants with your comfort and budget in mind. When you want to consult a dentist who has some experience with dental implants in Frisco TX, call Dental Care of Frisco today at 214-705-3404.

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