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Dentist In Frisco TX: The ABCs Of Dental Fillings

Dentist Frisco TXCavities in teeth can happen to anyone at any age.  They’re usually caused by poor dental hygiene that is supposed to rid teeth of the acid-producing bacteria that live in the plaque that builds up on them. Treatment for cavities that haven’t reached the root of a tooth consists of removing the decay from the tooth and then filling the hole with a material that is durable for everyday use.  If your dentist in Frisco TX has told you that you have a cavity that needs a filling, he’ll discuss the filling options that are available.  According to the American Dental Association, the three most-commonly used types of fillings are:

▪  Composite resins, which are tooth-colored fillings, are a mixture or composite of glass and quartz filler that is durable and resists fractures when used to fill small- or medium-sized cavities.  They can be used on any tooth; but since they’re less durable and more expensive than most other types of fillings, it’s likely your dentist in Frisco TX will recommend them for use on teeth that show when you smile or chew rather than on molars that aren’t obvious.

▪  Dental amalgams, which are silver-colored fillings, are made from a combination of metals including mercury, silver, tin and copper.  Amalgams have been used by dentists for decades because they are extremely durable and are especially good for filling large cavities like those on the surfaces of molars.  In addition, they harden quickly so they can be used for filling cavities that are difficult to keep dry during the filling process, like those below the gumline.  For this reason, they are a good choice for children or special needs patients who find it difficult to sit through a lengthy procedure.  Amalgams are also more budget-friendly than other types of fillings.

▪  Gold inlays, or gold fillings, are composed of an alloy of gold, copper and other metals.  Though gold fillings have been in use for over a thousand years because of their proven durability, they are more expensive than other types of fillings and don’t have the natural look that other materials have.  In addition to the added expense of the material itself, these fillings require more than one office visit as they must be manufactured by a dental laboratory using impressions of your teeth.

If you have a cavity, ask your dentist in Frisco TX about your filling options.  You’ll need to know not only which type of filling is right for you based on durability and price, you’ll also need to know which fillings are covered by your dental insurance.  If you’re having tooth pain or it’s been awhile since you had a checkup, make an appointment with us at Dental Care of Frisco by calling (214) 436-5122.  You can also visit us online at www.dentist-friscotexas.com to find out more about us and about our same-day crowns using our new CEREC machine.

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