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How Your CEREC Dentist In Frisco TX Can Help You In A Hurry

CEREC Dentist Frisco TXIf you’re anxious about dental care, you’ll be happy to know that modern technology has made complicated dental care faster and easier with the help of Chairside Economical Restorations of Aesthetic Ceramic (CEREC). When you visit a CEREC dentist in Frisco TX, this all new technology creates perfectly matched porcelain restorations in just a few minutes. Now instead of waiting for weeks or months for a crown or other dental restoration treatment, you can have a perfect match securely in place often in only one visit!

First of all, you will receive a thorough examination to determine the best course of treatment. If a CEREC dentist in Frisco TX believes restoration is in order, your tooth will be prepped and a high resolution optical impression of the tooth will be taken. This image will be used to create a perfect ceramic restoration that is custom-made to restore your damaged tooth and match all of your teeth!

With CEREC top-of-the-line, digital technology you can get a same-day crown. The machine creates a digital image of your tooth, and your dentist can adjust the image as needed. Once the image is complete, a machine using CAD CAM technology is used to mill a custom fitted crown or other dental treatment from solid porcelain. Your dentist will test it for correct fit and bond it in place permanently. You will leave the dentist’s office with a ceramic restoration that looks and feels completely natural.

Here are just a few of the applications that CEREC technology provides:

* Anterior & Posterior Crowns

* Inlays & Onlays

* Partial Crowns

* Veneers

Using the CEREC machine, your Frisco, TX dentist can perform all of these treatments quickly, easily and accurately. There is no need for you to wait with a temporary crown while your permanent crown is prepared at a lab. You can get it all done in one visit with one professional.

In addition to getting your dental work done more quickly and easily, you will also receive a much better product with CEREC. Porcelain tooth restoration is better looking and healthier than old-fashioned metal and amalgam fillings and dental treatments. You can be in and out of the dentist’s office and finished with your restoration in a single visit.

Don’t be afraid! No matter how complicated or difficult your dental problems may seem, you can count on your CEREC dentist in Frisco TX to provide you with same-day crowns and same-day treatment!

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