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CEREC Dentist Frisco TX: The Best Option for Restoration

CEREC Dentist Frisco TXAre you tired of the time it takes to get through the process of restorative dentistry? There are many details and appointments to make before everything is complete. However, thanks to Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC), the process is e xpedited and efficient. The method is high-tech, and allows you a swift, full treatment. Your CEREC Dentist in Frisco TX can take care of your needs with just one appointment.

CEREC is a method for digital teeth impressions. The dentist inspects your teeth and prescribes the best treatment, per the usual. He or she may need to remove any damaged part of the teeth, as well. Then, whether you need a new crown, tooth filling, or other restoration, your doctor, with the help of CAD and CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing), prepares your damaged teeth and takes a digital picture, a 3-D model, with special technological equipment and software. Then, the pieces necessary to restore the teeth are made in-office, using the digital images. The process is fast, easy for your dentist, and correct, and altogether takes only one appointment.

Treatment from your CEREC Dentist in Frisco TX eliminates the frustration of having to visit your dentist multiple times for only one issue. The need for more than one appointment is part of the more irritating things about having dental restoration done. Without CEREC, you would need one visit for the mold of your tooth and the temporary fix you will have to wear until your next visit.

The most helpful feature of CEREC is the digital image your dentist takes using the technology. It allows the most time-consuming part of the process to be completed fast and on-site: the final mold for your restoration. That means no extra office visit for the necessary materials, even for porcelain.

CEREC materials are porcelain and ceramic because they are better, safer, long lasting materials. Metal fillings are generally considered unattractive, and though metals without lead are perfectly fine for oral use, these other materials are often stronger, longer lasting, and better match your real teeth.

Ultimately, your CEREC Dentist in Frisco TX benefits you in numerous ways. Our method is accurate, it prevents you from having to make more than one trip for restorative work, and you end up with better results all around. Call Dental Care of Frisco at 214-436-5122, or visit dentistfrisco.com today and ask for more information on how their doctors use CEREC to provide you with better care.

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