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Reasons to Visit a Dentist in Frisco TX for a Dental Crown

Dentist Frisco TXThere are numerous reasons an adult or child would need to visit a dentist in Frisco TX for a dental crown. Dental crowns are used to protect damaged teeth that are cracked or in danger of decay. They can also restore worn, broken teeth and cover large fillings. Crowns have cosmetic purposes, too. They are sometimes used as a cover for yellow or brown teeth or those with an abnormal shape. Crowns can cover dental implants, in addition to holding dental bridges in place. Children are less likely to need crowns for appearance-modification purposes, but can be placed over baby teeth to help a damaged tooth support a filling or protect teeth from decay.

The type of crown you and your dentist choose depends on its purpose and your desired results. Our team at Dental Care of Frisco can help explain your options. Dental crowns can be temporary or permanent and are available in a variety of materials from stainless steel and metals to ceramic and resin. However, ceramic crowns are preferred for a natural color. Ceramic crowns are a superior choice for cosmetic modifications, especially for the front teeth, and offer an easy solution for those allergic to certain metals.

At Dental Care of Frisco, Dr. Grant can provide same-day crowns and treatment with CEREC technology. This innovative machine allows multiple teeth to be treated at once during a single visit that lasts a little over an hour. The CEREC equipment provides resilient, durable ceramic restoration, which bonds perfectly to the tooth. There is no need for messy impressions or to wear a temporary crown until a second visit. CEREC works by taking a photograph of the tooth receiving the protective cap and the teeth that surround it. The dentist is able to design the tooth in real time to make sure the color matches. The crown is made from a single piece of ceramic, so is stronger than many alternative materials and models.

Crowned teeth don’t usually require any special care, but remember that dental hygiene and regular professional exams and cleanings are invaluable to prevent disease and catch problems early. Our expert team and dentist in Frisco TX is dedicated to keeping your mouth healthy and beautiful. We will restore any smile and emphasize preventative care, always providing sound advice in your best interest. Your confidence is important to us; we will listen to all your concerns and answer any questions in terms you understand. Call our dentist in Frisco TX at 214-436-5122 to make an appointment for a same-day crown with Dental Care of Frisco.

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