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Blood Drive at Dental Care of Frisco! – 10/17/14 –

We are sponsoring a life saving event and invite you to be a part of something great. Did you know that someone needs blood every 3 seconds? Please help the community blood supply & plan to donate at our blood drive! Dental Care of Frisco » click here to sign up! Friday, 10/17/2014 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm 3031 Preston Rd. Suite #500 In the Parking Lot – Carter BloodCare Bus Frisco, TX 75034 DeDe Whitcombe Volunteer Drive Coordinator Read more
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Dentist Frisco TX: The Secret To No-Fear Dental Care

If you hate the thought of going to the dentist so much that you put off getting dental care – even routine cleanings – you’re not alone.  Every day, north Texans skip dental exams and cleanings and ignore tooth pain because of their fear of dental treatment.  Even though modern dentistry is virtually pain-free, the sound of the dental drill and the sight of blood can still cause patients to put off treatment until they’re unable to ignore their problems.  For those patients, the dentist Frisco TX that they choose should offer nitrous oxide treatment for a more relaxing experience. Read more
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Dentist Frisco TX Know How To Fight Tooth Decay

Dentist Frisco TX understand the severity of procrastination especially in relationship to tooth decay. A beautiful smile should never be taken for granted. Symptoms and signs of potential oral health issues may go unnoticed at first but damage could still be taking place. Decay is when acid formed from bacteria, more commonly known as germs, cuts away at the teeth. It might begin silently but will not remain that way for long. The signs and symptoms may vary but should not go unchecked. The dreaded outcome, if not treated, is not only pain but infection and possible loss of your Read more