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  • The History of the Toothbrush

The History of the Toothbrush

Humans have worked at keeping their teeth clean for thousands of years. These days it’s relatively easy – floss once a day, brush twice a day, see the family dentist regularly – and choices abound when it comes to toothbrushes, toothpaste and the various types of mouthwash. Dental care in “olden days” was a bit different. Here’s a quick look into the past, courtesy of family dentist Dr. Thomas Grant and the team at Dental Care of Frisco. Read more
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  • Resolve for Better Dental Health This New Year's

Resolve for Better Dental Health This New Year’s

If you and your family are working on a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2017, make dental health part of them. Making sure your teeth and gums stay healthy is an important part of caring for your health overall at any age. Add the following dental care habits to your resolutions for the upcoming year.  Read more
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  • Stop Your Teeth from Aching in Extreme Temperatures

Stop Your Teeth from Aching in Extreme Temperatures

“Oh my aching teeth,” you might catch yourself thinking when the temperatures take a dive. If your teeth are sensitive to blasts of cold air in the winter (or even hot beverages during colder months), then it may be time to take action. Don’t wait to get them looked at until we are in the midst of a cold snap and your teeth are causing you undue pain!  Read more
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  • With colder weather comes sensitive teeth

With Colder Weather Comes Sensitive Teeth

The arrival of fall brings many wonderful things: football Friday nights, bonfires, pumpkin-flavored everything, and so much more. It’s also a sign that winter is just around the corner, as much as we wish that weren’t true. Unfortunately, many people only experience dental sensitivity during the winter and forget to see their dentist about the issue since it tapers off as spring arrives again. If you remember experiencing pain and discomfort due to sensitive teeth last winter, don’t wait through another season of pain when the solution is waiting for you right now! Read more
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  • 6 Thanksgiving Foods that Affect Your Oral Health

6 Thanksgiving Foods that Affect Your Oral Health

The biggest meal of the year is coming soon! At Dental Care of Frisco, we help patients take care of their teeth before, during and after Thanksgiving dinner. Knowing how various foods can affect your oral health and what you can do to take care of your teeth can help you avoid cavities and gum disease this holiday season. Read more
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  • Oral Health for Seniors: How to Maintain Healthy Gums and Teeth

Oral Health for Seniors: How to Maintain Healthy Gums and Teeth

As you get older, you face a higher risk of tooth and gum problems. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and seeing your dentist for routine cleanings are still among the most effective ways to ward off these issues, but there are also other oral health concerns for those over 55. Keep the following tips in mind, so your teeth and gums can stay healthy during your golden years.  Read more
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  • How to enjoy Halloween Responsibly

How to Enjoy Halloween Responsibly

Overindulging in candy is one of the biggest causes of cavities in both children and adults. Yet Halloween is such a fun experience that most parents don’t want to ban Halloween candy and take the joy out of the holiday for their family. But don’t fret! You can have your candy and eat it, too, without putting your oral health at risk. It’s simply a matter of being careful with when and how much you’re eating, avoiding the very worst candies for your teeth, and maintaining good oral hygiene all year long. Read more
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  • Tips to Help Teens Maintain a Bright Smile

Tips to Help Teens Maintain a Bright Smile

Being a teen means you have all kinds of activities going on between school, friends and family obligations. While you’re juggling a hectic schedule, don’t forget to take good care of your teeth. Doing so will help ensure that you have a bright smile to enjoy at all times. These are some of the most important things teens can do to make sure their teeth stay clean and healthy. Keep these tips in mind as you go about your day-to-day life.  Read more