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  • Halloween Candy Do's and Don'ts

Halloween Candy Do’s and Don’ts

Halloween is a wonderful tradition that brings communities together for fun and activities. One of the most beloved rituals is trick-or-treating, where children go from house to house in their neighborhoods, receiving candy and treats from neighbors. However, these treats can pose a danger for healthy teeth, leaving your children vulnerable to cavities, broken teeth and the need for dental repair. You can encourage your children to make better choices about the treats they eat, as well as providing these options for those who come trick-or-treating to your house. Read more
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  • How to enjoy Halloween Responsibly

How to Enjoy Halloween Responsibly

Overindulging in candy is one of the biggest causes of cavities in both children and adults. Yet Halloween is such a fun experience that most parents don’t want to ban Halloween candy and take the joy out of the holiday for their family. But don’t fret! You can have your candy and eat it, too, without putting your oral health at risk. It’s simply a matter of being careful with when and how much you’re eating, avoiding the very worst candies for your teeth, and maintaining good oral hygiene all year long. Read more